Email Project Elevate

UCSF Fresno IT is be performing a Multi-Phase Project to bring our Email System in compliance with UCSF’s Security and Data Retention policies, as well as tightening email communication security between UCSF Fresno and CRMC. In addition, we are validating the integrity of Faculty UCSF Fresno accounts listed in the HR system and ensuring an actual email account exists for these faculty.

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Phase 1 – Faculty Account Validation/Integrity

All UCSF employees must have a valid UCSF email address on file (HR systems, Payroll, etc). Third-party email addresses will no longer be used. Many new Faculty accounts have been created to address this issue.

If you are a Faculty member and have been told you have a UCSF Fresno email account, you can contact our department for your credentials, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, at 559-499-6660.

How can I reset my password? How can I easily check my UCSF Fresno email?

Once you have your username and password, visit and login to view your email. If you are required to change your initial password, you will be prompted to do so.

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Phase 2 – Removal of Auto-Forwarding and Contacts

Removal of auto forwarding rules and contacts which use non-UCSF email addresses. This includes forwarding to CRMC email accounts, and other affiliates (VA, etc).

Those with forwarding contacts/rules will be notified by email of removal by March 1, 2020.

All auto-forwarding rules and contacts will be removed locally from our email system on May 15, 2020.

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Phase 3 – Consolidation to UCSF.EDU (UCSF Campus Email System)

Completed January 2021

UCSF Webmail

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UCSF Fresno Support

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UCSF Security 2.0 FAQ

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