COVID-19 FAQ for Faculty, Staff and Trainees at UCSF Fresno

UCSF Fresno COVID-19

Resources and Information specific to the UCSF Fresno community

FAQ for Faculty, Staff and Trainees

What do I do if I feel sick?

If you have cold or flu-like symptoms, please stay home. If symptoms persist or worsen, contact your primary care provider for guidance, especially if you have traveled to an area where there is widespread COVID-19 or have had contact with a person who has been diagnosed with coronavirus outside of work.

If you suspect a work-related exposure to COVID-19, please consult with your manager. Residents and staff as well as UCSF paid faculty who suspect a work-related COVID-19 transmission, must report the incident for workers’ compensation purposes to:

UCSF Department of Occupational Health Services (OHS) COVID-19 Hotline: (415) 514-7666

Main OHS Line: (415) 885-7580,

UCSF Human Resources Generalist Cassandra Simmons (415) 502-5264

Please refer to UCSF Fresno Stay at Home-Return to Work Guidelines as well as the COVID-19 Information for UC Employees.

What do I do if I am sick and I am a faculty member employed by Central California Faculty Medical Group (CCFMG)?

CCFMG Employed Faculty, please consult with Central California Faculty Medical Group Human Resources for guidance regarding paid sick and leave policies, and for any other employment questions. If you are sick, please contact CCFMG Benefits at (559) 453-5200 ext. 11195 for the necessary form to complete.

What do I do if my children are sick or at home due to school closures?

School closures will undoubtedly have an impact on the UCSF Fresno community. We strongly encourage parents who can work from home while caring for children to do so, in coordination with their departments/managers. Please communicate expected absences early.

UCSF employed faculty, staff, trainees and students have access to Sittercity, a web resource that can be utilized to search for child care. Sittercity can also be used to register sitters who are available to provide care. Other tools to match those seeking care with those providing it include Urbansitter and

Faculty and staff are encouraged to pool resources and share childcare responsibilities so parents are available to continue working. 

If I need to use COVID-19 leave time, how do I reflect the use of leave on HBS when filling out my timesheet?

Code as Other Paid Absence AND in the Notes section specify the dates utilizing leave and state:

  • COVID School Closure
  • COVID Sick/family sick
  • COVID Shelter in place
  • COVID self-isolation

What if I have plans for work-related or personal travel?

International – UCSF Sponsored: The University is restricting all non-essential university-sponsored travel to any country.

International – Personal: The University strongly recommends against personal travel out of the country. If you travel out of the country, be aware that changing circumstances may require self- isolation for 14 days upon your return. There is also a risk that you may subject to air or governmental restrictions affecting your return.

Domestic – UCSF Sponsored: The University strongly recommends against university-sponsored domestic travel, especially by air.

Domestic – Personal: Faculty, staff and trainees should consider their own health status and travel advisories regarding their destination before making plans for personal domestic travel, especially by air. Please keep up to date with the status of COVID-19 infections in the U.S. as the situation continues to change.

Residents, travel could impact your training and/or extend it if you become ill. Please consult with your department manager and program director.

Faculty, essential travel is defined as travel that is required and cannot be postponed in order to preserve the safety of patient or research subject or results of research activity.

Staff, all University-sponsored staff travel is generally defined as non-essential.

Students, Residents, and Fellows, essential travel is defined as that which cannot be postponed and is necessary to meet a graduation requirement.

For the latest travel information, please check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website COVID-19 Information for Travel

What about electives? Can I still participate in away electives?

There will be no elective rotations outside of Fresno for the remainder of the academic year. Elective away rotations that are not a required learning experience are suspended immediately.  If an away rotation is required for graduation, the trainee will be allowed to travel to the site so long as it is not international. 

In addition, all visiting resident rotations will be suspended and can be scheduled at a later time when the risk has decreased.

UCSF main campus is implementing virtual learning? Is UCSF Fresno?

Department Leadership is responsible for identifying the training elements within their program that can transition to virtual or a conference-call format and make plans to communicate changes and transform the work and training accordingly (didactics, department meetings, etc.). 

I am a medical student. What do I do if I am sick?

Any student who has been exposed to a known carrier of COVID-19 or recently traveled within 14 days to any of the Level 2 or 3 Travel Health Notice countries and develops fever and/or respiratory symptoms should contact UCSF Fresno Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) immediately at

Medical students who are ill are not expected to participate in educational or clinical responsibilities. UME will coordinate with your home campus on appropriate isolation, testing and monitoring.

Will I be caring for patients with COVID-19?

Students will NOT be assigned to care for patients diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19.

UME will remain open with support resources available. Extracurricular activities are suspended.

What about my plans to attend a conference or other educational meeting?

Students at UCSF Fresno who are concerned about upcoming travel and meetings should contact UME at to assist with refunds and/or cancellations.

I am a staff member. Can I telecommute?

At this time, telecommute options are encouraged, but are not mandated. Telecommuting is a voluntary work arrangement. Decisions regarding telecommuting plans will be made at the department level and at the manager’s discretion based on an assessment that includes the employee’s need to work remotely and ability to work remotely (i.e. equipment, cell phone, connectivity and capability to use equipment and applications). Essential coverage for the department and support to trainees must be provided.

Departments are responsible for ensuring their staff are equipped and capable of telecommuting. UCSF Fresno does not have laptop inventory to meet the demand, therefore personal computing devices will be necessary for telecommuting. Your personal device will need the required software installed to meet the UCSF Minimum Security Standards. You will need to install the required software provided by UCSF.  You will also need to use your home landline or cell phone to transfer work calls. There are no plans or resources for cell phone bill reimbursement.

UCSF ITS does not have the resources nor bandwidth to assist departments and individuals with equipment or set up. 

I am a manager. How do I determine whether a staff member is eligible to telecommute?

For main campus information and resources to determine an employee’s ability and need to telecommute, see the COVID-19 Response – Manager Guide here.

We previously sent managers Box links to UCSF Fresno information and resources to assess a staff member’s need and capability to work from home. 

For UCSF Fresno ITS information and resources, please click here.

How do we handle conferences and meetings?

All large gatherings and meetings should be cancelled until further notice. Departments are to implement social distancing and/or alternatives to in-person meetings (e.g. Zoom) even when gathering in small groups.

Is UCSF Fresno offering volunteer, shadowing/observing or other volunteer research programs?

Out of an abundance of caution to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19, we are postponing and limiting activities that are non-essential to our teaching program and/or patient care. As a result, all volunteering, shadowing/observing and the visitor/volunteer research program at UCSF Fresno are on deferral until further notice.

Please contact Paula DerMatoian with any questions.