Emergency Communications and Training

Emergency Communications Training

Emergency Communications Training – PowerPoint
PowerPoint presentation encompassing earthquake preparation, evacuation, campus alerts and emergency codes

Emergency Communications Pamphlet

Emergency Communications Training – Prezi Overview
Prezi overview of UCSF Fresno and UCSF Campus Alert Systems and Communications, including pictures and brief videos


On October 20, 2022, UCSF Fresno joined in a full joint scale Great Shakeout exercise with main campus and UCSF Health:

Fresno was able to gain satellite communication capabilities prior to the event. On the day of the exercise, Fresno was able to test the sattelite phone operation and confirm successful two-way communication with our Main Campus Emergency Operations Center.

Local Inicdent Command Post was activated in response and all of our members actively participated in the exercise. The “ICP” team was provided injects throughout the exercise and appropriately responded. 

Given Fresno is an ideal location to carry out small scale testing, Fresno was able to participate and successfully test the GIS Quick capture application. Several UCSF Fresno personnel were able to accurately utilize the application and the information was correctly captured as intended. As we have done each year, we will plan to continue our partcipation in the next Shakout exercises in October of 2023.

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